Radiokaka - Grandmother's Radiocake

In my childhood, this no-bake cake was often served on visits to "mormor" (in Swedish, mormor means grandma, or actually "mother's mother". Can you guess what "farmor" means?). She whipped this up when we wanted something sweet. Since she herself had a bit of a sweet tooth, she wasn't hard to convince. 

The name is perhaps a bit odd. I have heard that it was named Radiocake due to the recipe being originally introduced on the radio. Another source has it that the name comes from its appearance; the biscuit lines somewhat resembling the stripes on the speakers of old radios.

Either way, what is certain is that it harks back to the day when the family gathered around the radio at night to listen to the news, or perhaps a radio play, chomping away on something sweet!


2 eggs
200g hard coconut fat
8 tbsp cocoa powder
200 g biscuits (Rich Tea Biscuits or similar)
3 dl sugar (my old recipe calls for 2 kkp sugar. kkp is an old unit meaning coffee cups. 1 kkp is 1.5 dl)


Whisk eggs and sugar, mix in cocoa powder. Melt the coconut fat, and pour it over the egg mixture. Then layer batter and biscuits in a tin that is clad with cling film. Let it cool and set. Slice and serve!


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