Gammelfarmors söta smålandskringlor - Great Grandmother's Sweet Pretzels

Here is another recipe that goes back several generations in our family. Grandma always had some sort of pretzel in her cookie jar. This is an everyday treat, something to dunk in your coffee or glass of milk in the afternoon perhaps. For this recipe, you can use up cream that has gone sour. In the past, it was vital that nothing was wasted. Perhaps we can stand to learn a thing or to from this. This cookie is also very long lasting, it can stay fresh in your cookie jar for months if you dry them in low temperature oven after baking. Very good to have at hand when unexpected company shows up!


400 g butter
2.5 dl sugar
4 dl soured cream (use sour cream from store if you don't have any old cream)
2 tsp baker's ammonia
800 g plain flour

some caster sugar to dip the pretzels 

Stir together butter and sugar. Add cream a little at a time.

Mix the flour and baker's ammonia and mix this in.

Let the dough rest in a cool place for a while. Then divide the dough in two, and roll out two ropes, 20 cm long. Form into pretzel shape.

Place on a baking sheet and bake at 225-250 degrees C (440 -480 F) until slightly golden.

You can eat them straight away but I like to dry them in a low oven until they are dry and light. Leave the oven door ajar for this.

Good Luck!


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