Syltkyssar - Jam Kisses

A poetic name for one of Sweden's most common fika biscuits. Not just tasty but also decorative and classic looking! If not all biscuits are eaten on the day of baking you should freeze them, as the jam causes them to go soft. The recipe calls for Baker's ammonia, or Ammonium Carbonate, a raising agent that is quite common in Swedish baking and which produces a very fluffy and airy texture. In Swedish it is called "hjorthornssalt" which refers to its original ingredient -Deer antler salt! If that is hard to find, it can apparently be substituted with baking powder but double the amount. However the result will be a little less fluffy.

 Here is an easy recipe:


200 g. butter
80 g. icing sugar
40 g. vanilla custard powder
1 g. baker's ammonia
200 g. plain flour

raspberry jam for filling

a glaze made from icing sugar mixed with a little water. It should be quite thick.


Set oven to 180 degrees C (356 F)

Mix butter, icing sugar, custard powder, ammonia and flour in a bowl or food processor.

Cut the dough into walnut size chunks. Roll them into balls and place in small paper baking cups.

Make an indentation in each ball and fill with a dab of jam. Place on baking sheets and bake fpr 10-15 minutes depending on size.

Mix up the glaze and dab a little on top of the jam on each biscuit. Glazed biscuits don't freeze well, so only glaze as many as you plan on eating.


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