Dammsugare - Hoovers

Yet another fika classic! This little tasty bite is flavored with a popular and peculiar Swedish liquor called Arrack or Punsch, and humorously named after the household appliance that it vaguely resembles. Or perhaps the name is derived from the filling which, traditionally, consists of left-over cake and cookie crumbs, "hoovered" up into this cake, quite a frugal idea! I skip the cookie crumbs and use healthy oats instead. My son prefers these over the store-bought ones!

185 g oats
185 g butter
90 g sugar
25 g cocoa powder
10 g vanilla sugar
0.5 -1 tbsp Arrack or Punsch (if you can't find it, try substituting with your favorite liqueur or flavor essence)

Outer layer:
300 - 400 g marzipan
few drops of food coloring (green is the traditional color)
100 g dark chocolate
icing sugar


Mix everything for the filling except the liquor until well combined. Then mix in the liquor.

Roll the dough into ropes, one finger thick. Roll up in plastic wrap. Put it somewhere cool to firm up.

Mix the marzipan with the coloring in a bowl until you get an even color.

Dust your work surface with icing sugar and roll the marzipan out to rectangles, as long as your dough ropes. They should be wide enough that they can cover the dough ropes and seam up nicely.

Roll up and place seam down on baking parchment, then set in the fridge to firm up.

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave.

Cut the dough ropes into 4-5 cm lengths. Dip one end in chocolate, scraping excess chocolate off on the edge of the bowl when you lift them out or it will pool and form "feet".

Let the chocolate cool and firm slightly before dipping the opposite ends, then place on baking parchment. Store in a dry cool place.

Enjoy! These make lovely hostess gifts! Next time I will give you the recipe for my wonderful breakfast buns, or perhaps some real Swedish comfort food!

All the best in the New Year, from Anki.


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