Finska Pinnar och Chokladbröd - Finnish Logs and Chocolate Biscuits

Here we have some more classic fika offerings. Here in Sweden you'll find them in any bakery, and in every convenience store, made on an assembly line and laden with additives and palm oil of course. Then again that kind of biscuit can sit in your cupboard for months without aging noticeably, but the question is, do they even taste that good to begin with?

Make them yourself instead! These recipes are easy to succeed with, and the biscuits will be tender and very tasty. In spite of its name, the Finnish Log is a Swedish creation as far as I know, and the Chocolate Biscuits are traditional. Where the logs get their names I do not know... I find this is often the case with old recipes. Sometimes there isn't even a name! I have recipes in my collection simply called "cake by Astrid" and so on. Sometimes there is a name but it is quite misleading, such as my recipe for "Pigs" (in Sweden, it is ancient tradition to cut cookies in the shapes of pigs and other animals - but these cookies were never meant to be cut with a cookie cutter and so the name is quite mystifying). Do you have any examples of strange or mysterious recipe names? I'd love to hear some from around the world!

Finnish Logs


6-7 bitter almonds, or the equivalent amount of bitter almond essence or flavoring
5 dl flour
210 g butter
2 tbsp sugar

1 eggwhite, for brushing
finely chopped sweet almonds and pearl sugar


Blanch the bitter almonds and peel them. Grind them finely and mix with flour, butter and sugar. Work the dough until it just comes together but then stop. Let it rest a while in a cool place.

Roll out into ropes of finger thickness. Place them closely alongside each other. Brush with the lightly whisked egg white, and sprinkle over the pearl sugar and chopped almonds. Cut into logs of 4-5 cm, and bake on middle rack in a 200 C (392 F) oven, about 12-15 minutes.

Chocolate biscuits


200 g butter

2.5 dl sugar
5 dl flour
4 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp vanilla sugar
1 egg

1 egg for brushing and pear sugar for sprinkling on top


Mix the ingredients together into a smooth dough. Cut it into 6 parts. Shape these into ropes of finger thinkness. Space 3 on each baking sheet covered in baking parchment.

Flatten the ropes somewhat, then brush lightly with a whisked egg and sprinkle pear sugar on top.

Bake in 200 C (392 F) oven, on middle rack, approx. 15 minutes. Then cut them while still warm on the baking sheet, into 2 cm wide slices.

I hope you enjoy these easy recipes!


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