Laxpudding - Swedish Salmon "Pudding"

Here is a twist to a traditional recipe for Salmon Pudding. This is a savory dish that goes very well on a smörgåsbord, or perhaps Easter family meal. Usually this dish is made with cured salmon, but since I happened to have some smoked salmon in my fridge as well, I used a bit of both. And the result was delicious!

This dish is easy to make. Serve with some bread and a salad, and the dill butter. Serves 4.

250 g. smoked salmon
150 g cured salmon
10 potatoes
1 large onion
2 tbsp butter
1 dl dill, chopped

Egg batter:
4 eggs
3 dl milk
1 dl cream
1 tsp salt and some white pepper

To serve:
200 g butter, melted
dill and lemon slices

Set the oven to 225 C (430 F).

Peel and chop the onion and fry it soft in the butter but don't let it color.

Slice the potatoes. Cut the salmon into strips. Grease an oven dish and line the bottom with a layer of potato slices. Then alternate layers of salmon, dill and potato. The first and last layer should be potato. Salt and pepper lightly in between layers.

Whisk the eggs with the milk and pour over the layers. Bake for 45-50 minutes or until egg mixture is no longer runny.

Serve with melted butter and lemon slices. Chop some dill and sprinkle over the butter.



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